Sunshadow Slippers are loved by Steiner and Waldorf kids, parents and educators. They are also a great comfy shoe for those practicing yoga or at retreats. They are the perfect first shoe for young feet and are a great all year-round house shoe for Mums, Dads, kids, teens and grandparents.

We hope you love our handmade slippers as much as we love making them. Read what our happy Sunshadow Slipper customers have to say:

Wonderful slippers, my daughter loves them, which in itself is a major accomplishment!

Wow. I bought these slippers for my son’s birthday and they are fabulous. I can’t wait for him to see them. Well-crafted, soft, snuggly and clearly made with love. I want a pair for myself!

Fantastic! My daughter loves these little slippers and they’ve hugely reduced the number of slips we were having on the wood floors, thanks.

Thank you they are very well made and very nice. great craftsmanship!!! I will buy again soon!! Thank you!!!

My seven-year-old daughter adores her Sunshadow Slippers. She slept with them on the first night she wore them!

These are absolutely gorgeous and feel like a dream. I love, love, love them! Thank you! The slippers arrived and they are wonderful and quite comfortable. I think we will be ordering to keep our family in slippers for life. Thank you.,

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