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newlogoThere’s something special about handmade slippers.

Sunshadow Slippers is based in Mansfield in the High Country of Victoria. We think a little bit of the magic of this beautiful region is stitched into every pair.

Our slippers are hand painted and handmade in our workshop from start to finish.

We are inspired by the wildlife around us and the colours of our natural environment – sunrise, sunset, the ocean and the forest.

They are perfect for growing feet – soft, breathable and natural.

They are loved by Steiner schools who encourage younger children to wear slippers in class.

And they are worn by everyone from babies to teens, to parents and grandparents.

Sunshadow Slippers are perfect for those who like to tread softly on the Earth.

We hope you enjoy wearing our handmade slippers as much as we enjoy making them.

Sunshadow Slippers

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