Measuring the Feet

measuringHow to get the perfect fit for your beautiful handmade slippers.

Apart from very young children the best way to work out the length of the feet is to draw around them on a piece of paper.

Place the paper on the floor and ask the child to stand still – ok, this could be where is first problem is encountered!

We find with most children using a coloured pencil helps to turn this job into more of a game and afterwards they can be coloured in to create great wall art !

Then take a ruler or tape measure and work out the length from the heel to the tip of the big toe. Feet size can vary so take the measurement of the largest foot as your guide.

With Sunshadow Slippers our sizing is the internal length of the shoe itself so you will need to add a little for growth, socks or wiggle room.
Usually around 1 cm is good, a little less for babies just beginning to walk as they need something quite close fitting. A little more if your child is having a growth spurt.

If you would like more information please do email us via our contact page.

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