For toddler’s learning to walk the best shoe is one that mimics bare feet. A child learning to walk receives important sensory information from the soles of their feet. Shoes, particularly those with hard, heavy and inflexible soles, can make walking more difficult. A flexible, soft-soled moccasin can not only provide environmental protection for the child’s foot when learning to walk but also allows the normal amount of foot motion and function to occur. In a flexible-soled shoe or slipper the foot muscles are allowed to work and strengthen with every step, allowing the young child’s foot to become stronger and more efficient.

Sunshadow Slippers are a soft-soled, lightweight, flexible indoor slipper made from natural materials that offer good protection from the environment without restricting the development of growing feet.

For strong, healthy feet ensure your toddler’s have lots of barefoot time and when requiring some protection consider soft-soled moccasins like Sunshadow Slippers that mimic barefoot walking.

Kim Edwards
Foot Health Clinic, Samford